Treat or Trick


上映時間:2021 年


劇情簡介 Plot Summary


During a police raid led by the bent cop Feng and his men, Feng’s buddy Chiang gets another idea after seeing the offenders’ prized possession. He takes the diamonds, skipping town to a distant village to lie low. Feng has no choice but brings his men Monk and Yang to retrieve the diamonds in 48 hours. Oddly enough, Chiang’s cell phone signal suggests that he is in the village, but Feng cannot find him anywhere. Feng can only begin dealing with the seemingly innocent yet weird villagers, entailing everyone playing mind games on one another. Amidst this chaotic situation, a female ghost shows up, making it even worse – Can Feng eventually discover the truth and get his buddy back? Good or evil, the uncertainty leaves everyone unsettling and suspicious.

VFX Breakdown

Title Sequence

長廊 Corridor



The production content of the corridor is divided into two items: one is to create a clean environment, and the other is to create an old and abandoned environment.



再現影像 Reno Studios 詭扯再現影像 Reno Studios 詭扯

槍 Gun



This shot focuses on portraying a handgun engulfed in flames. Various fire materials are layered to add depth, and adjustments are made to the fire color and depth of field for a more realistic effect. Careful placement of the fire is crucial for a visually pleasing result. Prior research on red-hot metal helps accurately depict the burning gun barrel, and additional details, such as melted plastic on the handle, enhance the overall visual impact.


再現影像 Reno Studios 詭扯再現影像 Reno Studios 詭扯

火焰 Flame


The shot require intensifying the flames on the ground and pant legs, and creating dynamic movements for the legs.

再現影像 Reno Studios 詭扯再現影像 Reno Studios 詭扯

鬼命樹 Ghost Tree


This series of shots requires adding a ‘Ghost Tree’ to the original footage, ensuring that its trunk, branches, and leaves are in line with the concept design.

再現影像 Reno Studios 詭扯再現影像 Reno Studios 詭扯

破碎馬桶 Broken Toilet


To ensure the actor’s safety, the production team filmed three original clips: the main character’s performance, the background, and the shattering toilet. The shattering toilet footage was then composited in post-production.

再現影像 Reno Studios 詭扯再現影像 Reno Studios 詭扯

捕獸夾 Bear trap


For the safety of the actors, no real bear traps were used during filming. Therefore, it needs to be added in the post-synthesis part.

再現影像 Reno Studios 詭扯再現影像 Reno Studios 詭扯

村莊 Village


According to the plot’s needs, the story’s location is set in a small village deep in the mountains. To highlight the weirdness and isolation of this family, the environment needs to be repaired.

More Work