We pursue learning and innovation, challenging ourselves within complexity and detail, to create the most vivid and memorable animation works

  • Concept Design

    In the initial phase, we develop fundamental ideas and visual style. This involves brainstorming and creating rough sketches, mood boards, and storyboards to outline the overall look of the project.

  • Asset Creation

    Includes building the necessary elements, such as characters, backgrounds, props, and other objects. Additionally, a digital skeleton (rig) is added to 3D models, enabling them to move and be animated.

  • CG Animation

    Our team is skilled in both 2D and 3D animation techniques, offering a wealth of possibilities across various platforms like animated films, TV shows, video games, and commercials.

  • 3D Rotoscoping

    This technique involves using real-world footage as a reference for creating 3D animations. By closely mimicking the motion of live actors or objects, we can produce animations that exhibit highly realistic movements and actions.