Our close communication with the film crew and director allows us to provide special effects solutions, offering instant advice and gathering data for the post-production teams to utilize.

  • Designing and Coordinating VFX Shoots

    Work with directors and cinematographers to determine the design and execution details of the visual effects scenes. Provide technical guidance regarding special effects shooting, ensuring that the captured footage aligns with the requirements of the visual effects team.

  • Supervising Green / Blue Screen Shoots

    Oversee lighting and configuring the green/blue screens to fulfill the post-production requirements, ensuring that actors and the set are compatible with the background elements intended for the composite.

  • Capturing References and Data Collection

    Utilize cameras, measurement tools, and other methods to record reference materials and data for the VFX scenes on set.

  • Communicating with the Production Team

    As a liaison between the VFX team and the production crew, we hope to achieve seamless integration of visual effects and align everyone on the VFX requirements.