Movie : The Soul | 電影:緝魂 

緝魂 The Soul 專案類型:電影 上映時間:2021 年 導演:程偉豪 Imdb Wikipedia-w Vimeo 劇情簡介 Plot Summary 一起豪宅裡的兇殺命案,負責偵辦此案的檢察官梁文超與刑警阿爆,在調查命案的過程中發現,這起看似爭奪遺產的謀殺案背後,隱藏著更為驚人的秘密真相… In a luxurious mansion, a murder case unfolds. Prosecutor Liang Wen-Chao and Detective Ah-Bao are tasked with investigating this case. As they delve into the process of unraveling the murder, they discover that beneath the seemingly inheritance-related crime lies a shocking… Continue reading Movie : The Soul | 電影:緝魂