My Missing Valentine


上映時間:2020 年


第57屆金馬獎 「最佳視覺效果獎」得獎

第23屆台北電影獎 「最佳視覺效果獎」得獎

劇情簡介 Plot Summary


The bus driver, Ah Tai, is an oddball who moves slowly, always behind in keeping time, and even slower in sensing earthquakes compared to others. Every day, he goes to the post office to send an ordinary letter to the counter clerk, Yang Xiaoqi, without knowing who it is for. Yang Xiaoqi, in complete contrast to Ah Tai, is an impatient person who rushes through everything, except her love life, which has made no progress even though she’s nearing thirty and still single. On the eve of Valentine’s Day, Yang Xiaoqi gets approached by the attractive and sunny Mr. Liu, a teacher, and finally, her romantic feelings start to blossom. However, to her surprise, when she wakes up, Mr. Liu has vanished without a trace, and Valentine’s Day has already passed?! Ah Tai, who used to come every day to mail the letters, has also disappeared without a trace. With no memory of what happened, Yang Xiaoqi embarks on a fantastical journey to find the truth.


Story Board


Model Asset

再現影像 Reno Studios 消失的情人節再現影像 Reno Studios 消失的情人節

壁虎伯 Uncle Gecko


This series of shots depicts Yang Xiaoqi discovering Uncle Gecko in the wardrobe and engaging in a conversation with it. The process requires adding a long tongue and a gecko tail to Uncle Gecko.

再現影像 Reno Studios 消失的情人節再現影像 Reno Studios 消失的情人節

時間暫停 Time Pause


This series of shots depicts the moment when Ah Tai gets off the bus and discovers that the world has come to a halt. The time pause effect needs to be portrayed through VFX. It requires locking the movement of all the characters, removing support structures, and addressing unavoidable distant vehicle movements during filming.

再現影像 Reno Studios 消失的情人節再現影像 Reno Studios 消失的情人節

替換 Replace


In movies, there are often scenes where mobile phones or computers are used to convey plot information. Due to copyright or content not being finalized, post-production is required to composite the content on the screen.

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